Company Profile

CHAUDHRY FEED MILLS Presence in Pakistan

CHAUDHRY FEEDS MILLS – Corporate Overview


·         Chaudhry Feed Mills has over 28 Years of visionary presence in Pakistan with the contribution of country’s economic growth.

·         Formerly business partners in different locations with the remarkable different businesses history’s.

·         Chaudhry Feed Mills as business segment incorporated in 2011 as a small feed mills unit in Chichawatni but today Chaudhry Feed Mills broadly undertakes all the Feed products.

·         CFM working here in all over the Pakistan with core competency and capabilities in Animal Nutrition as one of the leading Poultry & Cattle Feed manufacturers group.

·         CFM do have a strong portfolio of Chaudhry Feeds, Prime Vanda, Chaudhry Chicks & Chaudhry Farms having Partnership with the Global Grand Grand Parent Organizations like Bovans Hendrix Genetics and Lohmann LSL

·         Company philosophy The application of feed components in health and disease avoidance.

Our Vision

CFM Group aspire to build our local and international footprints through sustainable growth whilst creating value for all our stakeholders

Our Mission

Discover and develop innovative Animal Nutritional Knowledge exchange solutions provision to maximise the Nutrition, health, genetics and wellbeing of Food animals.

Our Values

1.      Passion for Humanity / People

2.      Enduringly delivering value

3.      Innovation

4.      Improve Lives

5.      Integrity & Engagement

6.      Providing Solutions

7.      Responsibility with Honesty

To be able to measure our progress as we put our values into practice, we connect each Value to a “Success Factor” which describes what we need to do to be successful.


CFM consists of strong financial group with Managing Directory authority to Mr Tariq Mehmood Chaudhary whose passion plays an Instrumental role in poultry field since 1992. The financial strength of the CFM Group has enabled it to create an effectiveness in diverse sectors of the economy. The Group has tremendously invested in its existing operations and has also developed new business areas of interest.

Ch Tariq Mehmood

CFM as a Group Started their poultry business since 1992 from small Poultry Farm enterprise with a minute capacity of 90000 Commercial Layer, with the passage of time has grown upto 

·         4.5 million Commercial Layers.

·         0.3 million Layer Parent Stock

·         Hatcheries

·         03 Feed Mills with a Production Capacity of 60,000 MT.

The annual Turnover has reached up to …………Billions PKR and the goal is towards greater heights year after year. The Company shall achieve its mission through a continuous process of having sourced, developed, implemented and managed the best leading edge technology, industry best practices, human resource and innovative products and sold these to its customers, suppliers and stakeholders.



The Company is principally engaged in the business with local & International Principles and working here in all over the Pakistan with core competency and capabilities in Animal Nutrition as one of the leading Poultry & Cattle Feed manufacturers / raw materials (Selling) group.

The company strategy is to fully utilize its maximum production capacity so to minimize its production cost and thus earn highest growth in the stockholder’s wealth.


This code has been formulated to ensure that directors and employees of the company operate within acceptable standards of conduct and sound business principles which strive for development and growth. The company takes pride in adherence to its principles and continues to serve its customers, stakeholders and society.

This code identifies the acceptable standards under following headings:

         Core values

         Business culture



The credibility, goodwill and repute earned over the period of decades can be maintained through continued conviction in our corporate values of honesty, justice, integrity, and respect.

The Company strongly believes in democratic leadership style with fair, transparent, ethical and high professional standards of conduct in all areas of business activities.


·         Operations

The Company shall formulate and monitor its objectives, strategies and overall business plan of the organization.

The Company shall be continuously involved in the research and development of new products while improving quality of existing products using highest level of quality control measures at every stage of its operations. Creativity and Innovation must prevail at all levels of hierarchy to achieve organizational excellence.

·         Obedience of Law

·         Corporate Reporting and Internal Controls

·         Integrity and Confidentiality



The Company believes in maximizing shareholders value by providing consistent growth and fair return on their investment.


The Company considers it imperative to maintain cordial relationship with the customers as integral to its growth and development of business and is committed to provide high quality products and services that conform to highest international standards.


The Company is an equal opportunity employer at all levels with respect to issues such as color, race, gender, age; ethnicity and religious beliefs and its promotional policies are free of any discrimination.

The Company believes in continuous development and training of its employees.

The Company has set high standards of performance and recognizes employees’ contribution towards its growth and rewards them based on their performance. The Company believes development, growth and recognition result in motivated employees.

Environment and Social Responsibility

Protecting the environment in which we live is an important element. The Company uses all means to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy pollution free environment not only for its workers and employees but also for the well being of all people who live in and around any of the production and manufacturing facilities.

Safety, Health & Environment

Our company has provided safe & healthy workplace for both staff & contractors and will act responsibly towards the communities and environment in which we operate. This will be achieved by continuous improvement of our safety, health and environment performance through corporate leadership, dedication of staff and the application of the highest professional standards at workplace. Our organization provides “BEST PLACE OF WORK” to employees.

Compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance

The Board reviews the company’s strategic direction on regular basis. The business plans and budgetary targets, set by the Board are also reviewed regularly. The Audit Committee is empowered for effective compliance of Code of Corporate Governance. The Board is committed to maintain a high standard of good Corporate Governance.