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CHAUDHRY FEEDs: Poultry Industry Pakistan

To provide a comprehensive range of competitive products and technical services to our customers through adoption of innovative technology and effective resource management. We aim at achieving this goal by maintaining high ethical and professional standards in ourselves and our products.
Evaluate the characteristics of the current structure of the poultry value chain all over the Pakistan. Identify challenges faced by poultry industry in Pakistan and how to overcome them to ensure real profits and sustainability of the poultry industry in Pakistan to ensure top quality for poultry products. Asses the relevant importance of specific flows of poultry and animal feeds products in Pakistan.
To maintain our edge as leaders in Poultry Industry through honesty, healthy corporate practices & customer excellence.

Poultry Industry in Pakistan

There are different poultry feed companies working in Pakistan. You can esily find different types of poultry feeds in Pakistan. Pakistan poultry feed mills are providing the huge quantity of following types of feeds:

  1. » Broiler Feeds

  2. » Layer Feeds

  3. » Breeder Feeds

  4. » Cattle Feeds

Chaudhry Feeds is helping the poultry feeds industry of Pakistan in producing the required ammount of poultry feed. You will find the best chicken feed for laying hens. We are providing cattle and chicken feed for sale.