CHAUDHRY FEEDS (Product of Quality)


Introduction to the Code

This code has been formulated to ensure that directors and employees of the company operate within acceptable standards of conduct and sound business principles which strive for development and growth. The company takes pride in adherence to its principles and continues to serve its customers, stakeholders and society.


This code identifies the acceptable standards under following headings:

  1. Core values

  2. Business culture

  3. Responsibilities

Core values

The credibility, goodwill and repute earned over the 5 years can be maintained through continued conviction in our corporate values of honesty, justice, integrity, and respect. The Company strongly believes in democratic leadership style with fair, transparent, ethical and high professional standards of conduct in all areas of business activities.


  1. Operations

The Company shall formulate and monitor its objectives, strategies and overall business plan of the organization. The Company shall be continuously involved in the research and development of new products while improving quality of existing products using highest level of quality control measures at every stage of its operations. Creativity and innovation must prevail at all levels of hierarchy to achieve organizational excellence.

  1. Obedience of Law

  2. Corporate Reporting and Internal Controls

  3. Integrity and Confidentiality



The Company believes in maximizing shareholders value by providing consistent growth and fair return on their investment.


The Company considers it imperative to maintain cordial relationship with the customers as integral to its growth and development of business and is committed to provide high quality products and services that conform to highest international standards.


The Company is an equal opportunity employer at all levels with respect to issues such as color,