CHAUDHRY FEEDS (Product of Quality)

Our Team

Ch Tariq Mehmood

Started his poultry business since 1992. He started his poultry business from Al Rehman Poultry Farm with capacity of 90000 layers but with passage of time currently this farm consist of 600000 layers. As well as their other poultry farm which consist of 2500000 layers in Multan ,Kamalia and Lahore collectively by the all group partners.

Malik Shareef

Started his poultry business in 1994. He belongs to Kamalia city. Malik Shareef started his business from very low investment in trading business. Then he stated to invest in poultry business and start his own poultry farm. With the passage of time now he is prominent partner of CFM group and farming in poultry business is more than 700000 layers.

Shahid Iqbal Gujjar

Started his poultry business from 1994. He belongs to kamalia. He started his business from small investment but he is well known person in their poultry business with strong investment. He is big dealer of poultry feed in their region. Mainly interested in Layer poultry farming and about more than 600000 layers in his farm.

Mustaq Ahmed

He started his business with poultry feed distribution with different feed mills. With the passage of time he started to invest in poultry layer farming. Now he has his own control sheds which consists of layer as well as Broiler farming. His mainly interest to take part in distribution of poultry feeds and now he is known as well personality in his business activity.

Malik Mohsin

He started his business in 1995. He is big Egg broker in Pakistan. He has good interest in poultry farming in layer. Now he has more than 600000 layer farming and expanded egg distribution throughout the Pakistan.

Mian Javed

He is basically land lord. he started his poultry farming business early in 2000. Now he is more than 400000 layer farming.

Shaukat Rehmani

He is basically trader. He has well known personality in his trading business. He started his poultry business about 1997. Now every type of purchasing matter handled by ShaukatShb in CFM Pvt. Ltd.His farming is about more than 500000 layer farming in poultry field.